Keith Hennessy is a Canadian artist who lives in San Francisco. He is the artistic director of the Circo Zero circus company, a collective of circus artists, dancers and musicians. In order to make works which are both accessible end political, Hennessy has collaborated with different militant artists groups including the extreme performance collective Core and the Contraband company. Hennessey also co-directed the 848 Community Space, an independent and radical cultural space based in San Francisco, as well as participating in the European tour of the Cahin-Caha circus. In June 2005 he was invited to the Laboratoires where he presented a French version of the solo work Chosen (2004). His work is marked by explicit political stances in which the texts reveal a resistance against all forms of oppression, intolerance and injustice. Calling on various artistic forms such as dance, the circus, singing and verbal jousting, Hennessy’s performances take place in different contexts (theatres, art spaces, gay and lesbian festivals, prisons and protest demonstrations). He has taught at the University of San Francisco, at Goddard College (2001-2002) and at New College (1990-1996).