Performance / DD Dorvillier, Adva Zakai et Alain Michard
Samedi 14 janvier 2017, 19h30


Performance #1

Avec DD Dorvillier, Adva Zakai et Alain Michard,
assistés d’Alice Gautier


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From 9th to 14th January 2017, Alain Michard will be inviting choreographers DD Dorvillier and Adva Zakai to discuss their respective practices, to fuel the broader, collectively constructed project En danseuse.

Each choreographer will propose systems for staging the body through image, exploring their relationship to dance History and, further, to a personal and collective history of the moving body.

Much of the discussion will be devoted to sharing their respective collections of documents and references.

The three artists will end this phase with a public opening, presenting the thought processes, the wanderings and current state of research in the form of dance performances, images, archives and discussions with the audience.

Despite the differences in their respective practices (whose individual history is marked by exile - one is an Israeli by origin and lives in Belgium, the other is a New Yorker who is partly Puertorican, and lives in France), it will be necessary to reveal the points of complementarity between them, but also in echo to the practice of Alain Michard and to question that animates them : the off-field of dance, writing and speech, humor that models a certain relationship to the public, disappearance and accumulation, the history of dance and its modes of production, self-archiving and self-control.

Each choreographer will propose devices for bringing the body into play with the image, in their relation to the History of dance, and beyond, to a personal and collective story of the body in motion.




Free entrance on booking at or at 01 53 56 15 90