Affinités des sols . Soil Affinities / rendez-vous #1
Samedi 13 octobre 2018, à 16h


Exhibition visit and exploration of the virtues of plants in La Semeuse's garden with Jean-Charles Teulier (botanist)

Saturday 13 October 2018, at 4 pm


Supported by guests whose personal and professional experience resonates with the problematics of the exhibition, the accounts are formulated and thought about in order to offer time for discussion between the work and the public.


Twelve years experience in socio-cultural animation and ten years in popular scientific work have made a profound impact on the militant practices of Jean-Charles Teulier. Discovering the pioneering work practiced by organizers of popular education, he endeavors to impart scientific knowledge to as many people as possible, well out of hearing of jargon and bourgeois language. It is within this perspective that he animates « wild comestible and medicinal plant discovery walks ». His methods are worked and developed to better learn and then to share knowledge gained. It is not a question of keeping this learning from those who already share his culture or to position himself as one who knows.

Focussed on the market garden past preserved in the soil, Jean-Charles Teulier is an acute observer of plants that grow in gaps in tarmac and concrete. As an example, wild lettuces that appear amongst the town’s pavements reveal the bio-diverse wealth of Aubervilliers’ soils, testimony to the time when the town was one the areas contributing to the general market garden of the Ile-de-France.



Free entrance, booking requested 



Soil Affinities (laitue sauvage dans la rue, Aubervilliers), 2018  © Uriel Orlow