Affinités des sols . Soil Affinities / rendez-vous #2
Samedi 20 octobre 2018, à 16h


Exhibition visit with Bouba Touré (writter, photographer
and co-founder of the Samandiki Coura Cooperative in Mali)

Saturday 20 October 2018, at 4 pm


Supported by guests whose personal and professional experience resonates with the problematics of the exhibition, the accounts are formulated and thought about in order to offer time for discussion between the work and the public.


Co-founder of the Samandiki Coura Cooperative implanted in Mali, the writer and photographer Bouba Touré and thirteen other people engaged in the development of new agricultural land, have, since the 1970’s, been developing local market gardens, while at the same time planting thousands of trees and teaching inhabitants how to work the land with new cultivation techniques while aiming to live from it. Between France and Mali, he tells us of his struggle and engagement in the last 40 years to get the country to become more food self-sufficient.



Free entrance, Booking requested 



Soil Affinities (ancien jardin colonial français, Vincennes), 2018 
© Uriel Orlow