Hospitalités (TRAM): projection de films

Saturday November 5th, 6 pm

At 5.15, bus journey between La Galerie (Noisy-le-Sec) and Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers for an “anti-tourist tour” by Bernard Schmid (lawyer, MRAP)
Projection followed by a discussion with Marion von Osten and Dominique Cabrera, as part of Hospitalités, an event of TRAM, Contemporary Art Network in Paris and its region - in partnership with ENSBA, National School of Fine Arts, and La Galerie, Noisy-le-Sec.

Rêves de ville  ("City Dreams") by Dominique Cabrera, France, 1993, 26 min.
Four tower blocks in the council estate of Valfourré, in the suburb of Paris, are to be blasted and replaced by an “Excellency Estate”. Inhabitants and local councilors share their contrasted opinions.
Dominique Cabrera is a French film director. She was born in 1957 in Relizane, Algeria, and moved to France in 1962. She graduated from La Fémis Film School, Paris, in 1981. Between 1982 and 1993, Cabrera directed five short films, documentaries, and works of fiction. Two films in the 1990s, Chronique d'une banlieue ordinaire  (“An Ordinary Suburb Chronicle”)  and Une Poste à la Courneuve (“A Post Office in La Courneuve”), brought Cabrera early recognition. She has taught filmmaking at La Fémis Film School, Paris, and at Harvard University. Her film Nadia et les hippopotames (“Nadia and the Hippopotamuses”) was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 1999 Cannes Film Festival. Additionally, her work has screened in Berlin Film Festival, the Toronto Film Festival, the Vienna International Film Festival, the Locarno Film Festival, the Rotterdam Film Festival, and in the New York Film Festival, among others.

Carnet d’un arpenteur, Les Minguettes, juillet-août 2006 (“A Surveyor’s Notebook, Les Minguettes”, July-August 2006") by M. Ganozzi, C. Pornon, J. Leguay, N. Flandin, R. Kuntz, France 2006, 45 min.
During the riots of November 2005, a person who has been living in Les Minguettes, Vénissieux, a suburb of Lyon, for 30 years, meets with inhabitants from Lyon city center. The desire and the idea of the film Carnet d’un arpenteur emerged from wandering together in the neighborhoods of the city. The film was produced in July-August 2006, it is a collective work. Producing texts, images and editing made them constantly share their views. Their aim was to recall the speech and the acuity of the surveyor and to make one feel the inextinguishable vibrancy of the so-called suburb. For more than 30 years, suburbs have dismissed any kind of consensus and normalization. “Our parties look like riots. Our riots look like parties. And this has been like that for centuries.”
Michel Ganozzi has been living in Les Minguettes, Vénissieux, since 1978. He is 65 years old. Since he arrived to Les Minguettes, he has participated to the life of his neighborhood in different ways. He has followed the adventures of the “hot summer” in 1981, the events of 1983 and the beginning of what will be called “The March”, in which he has not participated to show his disagreement. Natacha Flandin, Jérome Leguay et Christophe Pornon have written with Stéphane Berger et Didier Py the book Une révolte en toute logique. Des banlieues en colère ("A Riot in all logics, angry suburbs "), November 2005. Raphaël Kuntz ( has developed for several years a visual research around the representation of the city. He makes lectures in urban spaces and especially in peripherical industrial areas.


Parcours Hospitalités: Une pièce, deux pièces, trois pièces… ("One work, two works, three works…")

Between the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, La Galerie, contemporary art center, Noisy-le-Sec and Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers.

From the school of art seen as a "creative factory", via the residency, a specific time span dedicated to research and creation, right through to the retrospective exhibition, this itinerary goes between the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts, Paris, the residency-workshop of La Galerie, contemporary art center, Noisy-le-Sec and Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers. It offers an insight into the various stages of the artist’s career. On the way, the bus journeys will be punctuated by performances.

13.30  École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts: Jany Lauga (in charge of cultural events) will greet visitors for a tour of the 2001-2011 Soudain Déjà exhibition, in the company of some of the artists
15.15  Bus trip and performance by one of the artists from ENSBA
16.00  La Galerie: Marianne Lanavère (director) will greet visitors and this will be followed by an encounter with Pauline Curnier Jardin, artist in residence
17.15  Bus trip and “anti-tourist tour” by Bernard Schmid (lawyer, MRAP), as part of the project Architectures de la décolonisation by Marion von Osten
17.45  Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers: Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez (director) will greet visitors and this will be followed by an encounter with Marion von Osten, artist in residence
18.00  Showing of a selection of documentary films introduced by Marion von Osten, in the presence of the films’ directors

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The Tram contemporary art network presents Hospitalités, an event organized by 31 art spaces, consisting of 12 specific journeys throughout Paris and its region, from September 24th until December 10th. Each Saturday, two to three of the art spaces come together to propose a shared artistic programme, curated jointly by the members of the Tram contemporary art network. The journeys are in themselves a key part of the cultural programme and are punctuated with artistic happenings, performances and curatorial talks and debates.
Now in its third edition, Hospitalités highlights issues related to cultural diversity and explores the challenges and issues - ranging from personal to artistic and from historical to socio-political - associated with hosting outsiders. This year, the programme focuses in particular on questions related to the French overseas collectivities, international migration, travel, suburb architecture and landscape.

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