Walk, Hands, Eyes (a city)
de Myriam Lefkowitz

The book Walk, Hands, Eyes (a city), attempts to describe the geography constructed by the perceptual experience of Myriam Lefkowitz’s eponymous walk project : an hour of silent walk in a given city, weaves a specific relationship between walking, seeing and touching. 

The fragmentary book is a montage of conversations conducted with those who took part in the experiment and the guides who worked on the project during its eight-year long activation, as well as exclusive texts by contributors invited by the artist, offering a range of new theoretical, scientific and poetical explorations.

The book is not only an archive but also a tool for transmission and a space for observing and analysing the forms of knowledge that emerged from the practice.

This book is co-published by Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers and les Beaux-Arts de Paris.


  • Valentina Desideri
  • Sophie Houdart
  • Yaël Kreplak
  • Clément Morier
  • Valérie Pihet
  • Esther Salmona
  • Mathilde Villeneuve

Pages count: 

150 pages


14 x 20,5 cm

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20 €

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3,5 €


  • Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers
  • Les Beaux-Arts de Paris

With the support of: 

  • Département de la Seine-Saint-Denis






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  • Anglais