Affinités des sols . Soil Affinities / rendez-vous #4
Samedi 10 novembre 2018, à 16h


Exhibition visit with Bernadette Lizet
(ethnobotanist / ethnobiologist)

Saturday 10 November 2018, at 4 pm 


Supported by guests whose personal and professional experience resonates with the problematics of the exhibition, the accounts are formulated and thought about in order to offer time for discussion between the work and the public.


In the narrative of her exhibition, Bernadette Lizet unfolds the surprising story of Paul Jovet, a botanist at the Natural History Museum in Paris, who in the 1920’s while working as a schoolteacher explored the wastelands of Aubervilliers looking for more or less naturalized plant specimens, in particular exotic flora, while native to other places. She tells of the incredible herbarium—of which certain plates are exhibited here—that he assembled for decades ; an atypical, marginal, intrusive and interstitial herbarium, and in consequence not at the centre point of research interests which were very much focussed on the exotic in the first half of the XX century, when Paul Jovet was concentrating on French flora and more specifically urban flora.



Free entrance, booking requested 



Soil Affinities (Paul Jovet' Herbarium), 2018  © Uriel Orlow