Since the mid-1990s, Pascal Poyet has been giving public readings: performances or statements he considers as text-writing acts combining criticism, experimentation, linguistic considerations and translation. His published works include Regardez, je peux faire aller Wittgenstein exactement où je veux (TH. TY. / MW, 2018), Draguer l’évidence et Linéature (Éric Pesty, 2011 and 2012), Un sens facétieux (CIPM, 2012), Au Compère (Le bleu du ciel, 2005) and Causes cavalières (L’Attente, 2000–2011). He has translated books by David Antin (I never knew what time it was and Tuning), Lisa Robertson (Cinema of the Present) Juliana Spahr (Fuck You – Aloha – I Love You), as well as texts by many other English-language and German writers. His translations are published by Contrat Maint, which he co-founded with artist Françoise Goria in 1998.