(lecture /performance - various languages)

When all is said,
what remains to be said
is the disaster,
ruins of words,
failure by writing,
faintness faintly murmuring:
what remains without remains
(the fragmentary)

For this presentation, Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson will draw upon a recent experience of making what they call a “shipwrecked film”, Disappear One, shot mainly during a transatlantic voyage, that also involved the participation of the research group Presque Ruines as well as the Brazilian Theatre Company Ueinzz who for 20 years have been running a schizoscenic project, « an ongoing theatrical rehearsal as a way of caring ».

Through a montage of image, sound and text the artists will reflect upon the idea of inhabiting an existential shipwreck of subjectivity and sociality, the possibility of embracing collapse and exhaustion as a potential space. A desert island of invention and renewal where the castaway may build and nourish the conditions for more salutary forms of life in the face of a spreading tyranny of normative well-being.

See Disappear One

Graeme Thomson & Silvia Maglioni, Disappear One, film still, 2015