Book launch: Questionnaire élémentaire
Lundi 18 décembre 2017, 20h



Book launch: Questionnaire élémentaire (Basic Questionnaire)

with the authors: Sonia Chiambretto & Yoann Thommerel,
in conjunction with the Groupe d’information sur les ghettos (gig)

Monday 18th December 2017, 8:00 pm


Artists and writers Sonia Chiambretto and Yoann Thommerel have been actively associated with the Groupe d’information sur les ghettos (G.i.g.) since its founding in 2014. As residents at Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers they have activated a new information group comprising local people, artists and researchers, all of whom are involved in the creation of investigative protocols: writing and dissemination of questionnaires, and the harvesting and processing of data. Two years' work here at Aubervilliers have enabled the creation of a documentary collection regularly called upon to fuel thinking about the mechanisms of exclusion and retreat into identity. With this collective experience as a starting point, Chiambretto and Thommerel have composed this poetic, challengingly political questionnaire.

To mark the book's publication, the two authors will read excerpts.

Their guest David Lopez will then read an excerpt from his novel Fief, as a response to a question he has chosen from Questionnaire Élémentaire.

Fief de David Lopez __  "Somewhere between the suburbs and the countryside, where their parents grew up, Jonas and his friends are killing time. They smoke, play cards, grow dope in the garden, and when they go out they realise how far removed they are from other people. In this private universe straddling two worlds, where everything seems condemned to endless repetition, their fief is language as it can be accessed and put to use: by Lahuiss as he plays Voltaire's Candide, explaining to the others how to chat up girls and seduce them; by Poto spouting rap and cursing out his friends; and by Ixe and his sublime spelling mistakes. At stake here is the gradual rise of a poetry of existence in a horizonless world. As this arrow-straight novel advances, a gravitas emerges, a beauty wrenched out of everyday tragedy by a new voice – the voice of the author of Fief".




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David Lopez is thirty. Fief is his first novel.
It was published by Seuil in 2017.


Poetic and challengingly political, Questionnaire élémentaire, was composed by Sonia Chiambretto and Yoann Thommerel. Its starting point was a collective experience carried out as part of their residency at Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers.
This is a joint publishing venture by Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers / Groupe d'information sur les ghettos (Gig).



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