Postérieurs (le futur n'existe pas mais des futurs insistent)
Thursday 15th Septembre 2016, 7:30 pm


Postérieurs (le futur n'existe pas mais des futurs insistent)
followed by a carte blanche invitation to Sébastien Ronceray.

Postérieurs is a timeless epic saga. Four dancers sing for the return, dance for respite, and read the future in the belly of a sea monster. In the belly, they saw a solar eclipse and the Earth’s apocalypse. As in primitive rituals, the poet (who can also be the dancer, the singer, the magician) masters a set of techniques and languages that could potentially solve the seemingly contradictory propositions.

Choreography and direction:

Pauline Simon in collaboration with the performers
Performers: Paula Pi, Céline Cartillier, Aude Lachaise and Pauline Simon
With the participation of: Erwan HaKyoon Larcher
Collaboration, support: Pauline Brun
Writing: Céline Cartillier, Pauline Simon and Aude Lachaise
Sound, stage and video management: Eric Yvelin
Light: Florian Leduc
Invaluable presences or exchanges:
Duncan Evennou, Julien Lacroix, Antoine Cegarra, Elise Simonet, Léa Lansade, Joffrey Becker
Costumes: Maman ( aka Marie-Thérèse Simon.) et quelques achats sur internet
Acknowledgements: Benoit Verjat, Eric Minh Cuong Castaing ainsi que ceux qui se reconnaîtront car les gestes pour ce projet furent nombreux


This project was sponsored by DRAC Île de France, la Ménagerie de Verre, Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, Montevideo centre de créations contemporaines, Marseille, as part of a sponsorship scheme from the PACA region - APOCS scheme, the spedidam, the CCN in Nantes, the Théâtre de Lorient, and has also enjoyed studio time ant the CND, CDC Atelier de Paris. The project was also awarded the Beaumarchais/SACD writing and residency support fund.


Carte blanche to Sébastien Ronceray / Braquage

Taking as its point of departure an Apocalypse that emerges beyond our everyday perceptions, in the space of those banished from the City, this experimental film programme explores forms of trauma that question the very existence of ontologically human, but also figurative, narrative and perceptual references points. How is matter attacked, i.e., the matter of thought, and even that of creative tools ? What, in the human body or the body of materials might be saved, reanimated? This can lead to a sense of being born again, beyond our recovery of the world and its images.

Banlieue du vide by Thomas Köner (2003)     
Allemangne/Mini DV/n&b/12'

There is still enough Time by Mathieu Bouvier and Céline Cartillier (2016)

Our Voices are Mute by SJ. Ramir (2008)                      
New Zeland/Mini DV/colour/5’

Stadt in Flammen by Schmelzdahin (1984)                  

Principle 8 by Botborg (2005)                                   
Collectif International/Mini DV/colour/4'

The Last Shot by Cécile Fontaine (1999)                        

Cannot Exist by Stan Brakhage (1994)                       

Le bourreau turc by Georges Méliès (1903)                     


Free admission on booking
at or by
phone 01 53 56 15 90

The evening will begin at 7:30 pm and bar will be open from 7 pm