Dark Matter Cinema - Nocturnal Committee #1
Tuesday 16th February 2016, 8 pm

As part of their residence, common infra/ctions, Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson present Dark Matter Cinema, an invitation to join the Nocturnal Committee at Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers for an evening of hypnagogic projections and liminal visions, reaching towards the dark matter that haunts the cinematographic image, and to take part in the unveiling of the Dark Matter Cinema Tarot, which the artists have conceived especially for this series of events.

Dark Matter Cinema : three words that form a constellation whose distances and proximities evade measure. It has been suggested that around 96% of the visible universe is composed of a combination of dark matter and dark energy, invisible, ungraspable, largely unknown. The idea is to explore this "infra" dimension of the cinematographic image (what normally remains invisible or eludes perception) but at the same time to regard cinema itself as a membrane permitting us access to the dark matter of the visible world. Through a montage of film sequences that may resemble sleepwalking, or sleepwatching, participants in the Committee will be invited to inhabit cracks, absences and holes in the image manifesting regions of this cinematic dark matter and unfolding the planes of its inner space and time. This will be combined with collective readings of the DMC cards as a way to open up alternative narratives or divinatory possibilities that may be contained in the fall of a sequence of seemingly unrelated film stills.



Free entry, booking required
at reservation@leslaboratoires.org or at 01 53 56 15 90


photo : Card 1 from the Dark Matter Cinema Tarot.