Juan Domínguez, born in Valladolid in 1964, is a performer and a choreographer. He studied dance and video in Spain and the USA and received various grants to study in Movement Research, New York. Since 1987, he has worked as a performer and artistic assistant, and since 1992 he has developed his own work, questionning the medium of performance as well as time and space as parameters of dance. Exploring the relation between the differents codes, his performances tend towards a complete dissolving of the borders between fiction and reality. His most recent works are The Taste is Mine (2000), All Good Spies are my Age (2002), The Application (2005), the 7th act for the opera Seven Attempted Escapes from Silence (2005), Shichimi Togarashi (2006), All Good Artists my Age are Dead (2007), the research project From… to… (2007), Don’t Even Think About It (2008), and Blue (2009). Since 2003, he directs and programs the Festival In-Presentable in La Casa Encendida, Madrid.