After received the Belgian SACD price for her first dance performance in 1996, Barbara Manzetti quickly moves away from the usual frames of creation exploring more immediate spaces of investigation in the urban space. She often chooses a transitory time and space for her performances; the spectator is physiquement involved in the situation, and the work becomes simultaneously objet and pathway. Meanwhile, she organises with Sofie Kokaj Où Nul Théâtre-Théâtre, a semi-secret structure for artistic intervention: acting under the names "Tant de  Roses" and "Transport Public" they present their theatre work on paper, minimal publications, posters, performances in public and private contexts (Brussels, 1996-1999).  Her research and the many collaborations aim at constructing a suggestive, or resonant, space. Performative objects often remain ephemeral and changing, pushing the limits of representation, sometimes up to embarrassment, looking constantly for closeness to the spectator through a physical or behavioural intimacyor through the reversibility of the « role »  chosen by the performer (author, actor, dictator, spectator). Confusion is installed, between public space and intimate space, in the permanent attempt at escaping the existing frames and proposing new ones, ephemeral and unforeseeable. Recently, she took part in projects by Jennifer Lacey and Nadia Lauro, Nasser Martin Gousset, Dora Garcia, Dominique Thirion.
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