« We also we want our share of the ghetto! »
S. Chiambretto, Y. Thommerel

Formidable fiction generator, the « ghetto » is radically conveyed in discourses from the fields of art, media and political speech. Attentive to the contemporary context, Sonia Chiambretto and Yoann Thommerel seize the situation and unite with the Groupe d’information sur les ghettos (g.i.g.).


Apprehended by some as a centre with adaptable missions, difficult to situate, and by others as a black box, g.i.g. brings together textual, sound and visual documents on ghettos, and describes itself as an open set: «For any given point a of E: every superset of a neighbourhood of a is itself a neighbourhood of a; the intersection of two neighbourhoods of a is itself a neighbourhood of a; E is a neighbourhood of a; every neighbourhood of a includes a; for any given neighbourhood V of a, there exists a neighbourhood W of a such that V is the neighbourhood of each point of W».

During their 2016 residency at Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, Sonia Chiambretto and Yoann Thommerel are setting up a new in situ information group, made up of local residents of Aubervilliers, focusing among other things on creating new inquiry protocols and new modes of circulation: dissemination, data collection and processing.

As part of this project, they will be proposing two interrelated types of event:

Firstly, a series of workshops on questionnaire writing scheduled since January 2016, the last one has taken place at Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers Saturday 14th May 2016, from 4 to 7 pm. Subsequent dates are to be announced.

Secondly, a complementary series of public readings and performances, designed in connection with the archives collected, will be running throughout their residency. The first evening event was programmed on Friday 12th February 2016, with guests Sarah-Anne Huet (poet, economist) and Philippe Artières (writer, historian). Three others dates will be scheduled from October to December 2016.