• performance
  • workshops
  • urban space

In 2014, Belgian author and stage director Sybille Cornet worked with children from the elementary school Jules Vallès (Aubervilliers) to create a "lecture-show" on school and pedagogy ("School as explained to Martians").

In 2014/2015, she will work with two high school classes, to explore with them their relationship to urban space. Starting from the desire to question the way we "use" the city and live in it, these workshops will question the way an artistic institution as Les Laboratoires, and a place dedicated to education and training exist and interact with the city. How these two structures redfine themselves through their interaction with urban space, inside and outside their walls. After the series of workshop are led, a "lecture-show" will be created.


In collaboration with elementary school Jules Vallès and high school Jean Pierre Timbaud (Aubervilliers)