On the occasion of the publication of the second issue of the N/Z journal for the 2016/2017 period, Les Laboratoires d’Aubervillliers are delighted to be hosting two public evening events with the journal, in the company of two of its section editors.

The journal is concerned with writing as a work practice prior to its definitive formalisation. It observes the creative processes of writers and artists through writing.

The journal is a creative lab: it organises monthly public events in the form of sections, runs a website for the duration of each edition and publishes a printed issue at the end of the edition. Each edition spans a 10-month period. Each section is edited by a writer or artist.

Each issue has a different section editor, who invites contributors and speakers and develops new formats for the public gatherings. The journal aims to reach a broad audience, to raise awareness and introduce readers to contemporary artistic writing. Their events take place in various venues around Paris and the Greater Paris region.

Events hosted by Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers in 2016

Alban Lefranc for the first public evening event
entitled Etat d'Urgence, Jouissance d'Etat
Friday 23rd Septermber 2016, at 8 pm


Agnès Geoffray pour une seconde soirée
entitled Suspens & Syncope
Friday 27st January 2017, at 8 pm


N/Z Journal #2

The N/Z Journal is supported by the Goethe Institut.