Thing 001695 (Best of Bercy)

Thursday 24 May 2012, 8 pm

Thing 1695 (Best of Bercy)
concerns a controversy between Viet Vo Dao practitioner Frank Delay and Européenne de Magazine, who organizes a yearly festival of martial arts in Bercy about video recordings of the Viet Vo Dao demonstrations. Frank Delay claimed that his demonstration of Viet Vo Dao is not of the order of a sports manifestation with a simple sequence of technical gestures but of the order of a choreography with interpretations of original sequence of movements. He alleged that Européenne de Magazine reproduced his choreographies during the videos recordings of Festival des arts martiaux, in Bercy without his permission. During the court case in 2007,  the judge hesitated whether the Viet Vo Dao demonstration was a work of choreographic art.

Thing 1695 (Best of Bercy). SPECIMEN
Thing 1695 (Best of Bercy). DR


Video: Européenne de Magazine
Choreography: Franck Delay
Respondents: Bruno Bloes (Viet Vo Dao), Suzanne Cotto (choreographer), Séverine Dusollier (lawyer), Julien Sorez (historian), Myriam van Imschoot (writer, performance artist)


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