TkH – platform for performing arts theory and practice

TkH-Walking Theory ("Teorija koja Hoda") was founded as a group for theoretical and artistic research at the end of 2000 in Belgrade. Since 2002 it operates as an independent organization: TkH-center for performing arts theory and practice.
The main objective of the TkH platform is to reinforce the critical and experimental practices in contemporary performing arts in the local context, as well as to affirm them in a wider, regional and international context.
TkH’s activities are a theoretical praxis in the field of contemporary performing arts, implemented through textual production, self-organization, critical education and cultural policy. They are realized through several programs: TkH Journal for performing arts theory, educational programs (PATS, s-o-s project, dramaturgical trainings, Knowledge Smuggling!, Deschooling Classroom), a regional online platform (, programs dedicated to a critical reflection of the local scene (Forum for the Performing Arts Criticism, Walking Critique), artistic (Pro Tools) and theoretical events (conferences, labs), interdisciplinary performances and other artworks, as well as hosting presentations and lectures by artists and theoreticians outside of Serbia. In addition to its specific, more theoretical and artistic interests, TkH has been active in the field of cultural policy. It engages in collaboration with self-organized initiatives, organizations, and platforms from Belgrade (the Other Scene), the region of Western Balkans (Clubture), as well as with a few other platforms from Europe (a.o. PAF). The initiatives and projects of collaboration with the above-mentioned platforms are motivated by the common goal: reinforcing the infra-structural and discursive potentials of independent cultural and artistic scenes.