September 12-13-14, 2002

Scoli Acosta was a resident artist at the Laboratoires for a yearfor the stage conception and production of Piquillo, adapted from an operetta of 1837 written by Gérard de Nerval and Alexandre Dumas. After having done research in relation to this forgotten text, which was discovered by chance, Scoli Acosta created a hybrid play, involving fine arts (fabrication of scenery, costumes, accessories..., which appear as sculptures); the staging was elaborated in a short period of time with non - professional actors. This work, which is as much an installation as it is a happening, is busy to the point of absurdity, and draws a series of links between Nerval’s influences and lineage, from Dürer to the Surrealists, as well as associations connected to actualizations of the comic-opera, such as Hollywood musicals. The presentation of the play took place in the context of the event “Avant travaux”, in September 2002. In 2005, the Laboratoires will publish a book on the Piquillo project. .

Comedy in three acts by Gérard de Nerval and Alexandre Dumas, Music by Hyppolite Monpou. Adapted and staged by Scoli Acosta. With: Eebra Toure Ivory, Cécile Rives, Frédéric Campon, Agnès Poinsot, Parme Baratier, Scoli Acosta. With the participation of: Jean Martin, Jocelyne Auzende, Babette Martin, Jeanne Martin, Mickaël Lecoq and Leyna Papach.