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Myriam Lefkowitz reaches the end of its second year of residency during which she conducted a research on the emergence of new schemes of attention generated by the experience of immersive devices, designed for a spectator and performer.

The project Walks, Hands, Eyes (a city), developed since 2008, is also an experience for one viewer and a guide. During a silent walk of about an hour in the city it forges a special relationship between walking, seeing and touching. From the many walks engaged in several cities of the world (New York, Vilnius, Venice, Brno, Buenos Aires ...) an unprecedented form of existence of the city has emerged, beyond its usual functionality and customs.

How can one be sure in such darkness is a project developed at Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers. It is also for one spectator, this time based on the experience of a motionless body immersed in the dark, moved by manipulation and by the sound space created with and around him by a performer. Based on a principle of scarcity of sensory stimulation, this device emphasizes the fiction of the body and the space that takes shape from almost nothing.

While these two years have allowed her to develop and regularly activate the two devices described above, Myriam Lefkowitz concludes her residency with two important public forms.


On the one hand, the publication of Walk, Hands, Eyes (a city), co-edited by Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers and the Beaux-Arts de Paris. Via the texts of the artist and her guests, the book describes the geography, the issues and the nature that the perceptual experience of the walk, reconstructs. Indeed, interested in the considerable panel of images and accounts / stories produced by the experience of her blind circulation device in the city, Myriam Lefkowitz sewed with all the subtlety that characterizes her practice, a text from the collected testimonies of spectators and invited some to make updates on specific problematic.
With the contributions of Myriam Lefkowitz, Esther Salmona, Sophie Houdart, Yaël Kreplak, Clément Morier, Valentina Desideri, Valérie Pihet et Mathilde Villeneuve.

Moreover, the public opening of La Piscine, project matured during the two years of her residency, set and active practices in common to address a single viewer and infiltrate during six days in the Leclerc pool activities in Pantin. La Piscine can be seen as an important step in the research of Myriam Lefkowitz, concerning the opening to new schemes of attention but also in her desire to co-construct this work in relation with artists who share her concerns and questions.
With Myriam Lefkowitz, Valentina Desideri, Jean-Philippe Derail, Ben Evans, Alkis Hadjiandreou, Julie Laporte et Géraldine Longueville Geffriaud.


Unrealized project bathhouse at the corner of Victor Hugo and Florian street in Pantin. 1890   © archives municipales de Pantin

With the support of Est Ensemble, the FNAGP
and the Département de la Seine-Saint-Denis