A deep puddle / Piquillo ou le rêve de Monsieur Hulule (Scoli Acosta)

This artist’s book aims to present, document and extend the work of Scoli Acosta during the period when his research on Gérard de Nerval led him to Paris. The work retraces the prolific work in two main chapters. In A Deep Puddle, a wide range of images (photographs, objects, drawings, texts) presents Scoli Acosta’s working material, illustrating a singular method of creation that uses all media equally. In Piquillo ou le rêve de Monsieure Hulule, various pieces document this comic opera produced in 2002 at les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers. The reader will enjoy a boundless universe that mixes historical research with poetry, mainly surrounding the figure of Gérard de Nerval, but also calling into play German Romanticism, surrealism and contemporary imagery.
Texts by Scoli Acosta, Jacinto Lageira, interview with François Piron.