This forum is one possible mode of participation in the writing of Clean Room, a project for which, every week, a group of spectators is meeting with Juan Dominguez in order to follow the process of research and respond to it. Through discussions, exercises and scores devised by Dominguez and his assistants, Maria and Cuqui Jerez, they take part - voluntarily or not - in the construction of the sitcom, both spectators and actors of the process.

Forums play an important role in the sitcom culture. They allow for fans and spectators to comment, speculate, sometimes even contribute to the narratives of the sitcom, providing them with an illusion of participation. They thus generate a very productive discursive community that (re)acts on different levels of enunciation - desire, fiction, moral judgement... - through various modes of writing - commentary, hypothesis, critique, wish, dispute...

This forum is meant to further the layers of participation in Clean Room, its modes of apparition and its narratives. People are invited to contribute to the discussions as if they were protagonists of the sitcom in progress or as if they were acting on an external level, like witnesses or critiques.
This is a forum of a process.

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