Sound artist, born in 1965, lives and works in Paris.

Invited by the Laboratoires to experiment with different listening displays in relation to his work on sound, Vincent Epplay performed several concerts, organized events involving other artists, and used indoor and outdoor spaces for his installations, during the fall of 2003 and the fall of 2004. His works deal with habits of the perception of sound environments and modify the atmospheres of the environments they occupy; for instance, in 2003, he arranged elements of sound devices in several spaces open to the public, and phone booths used as individual listening spaces. During the fall of 2004, on the esplanade outside the Laboratoires, he remixed several sound pieces of historical artists, creating a hidden sound trail entitled Ebruitement des rochers parlants. Moreover, he was given the responsibility of organizing an event during this occasion, and performed actions collaborating with other artists, including an experimentation with Antoine Schmitt, Display Pixel 3, which was later presented at the Espace multimedia Gantner (Belfort) in May 2004, at the Villette Numérique (Paris) in September 2004, at the Mais festival (Dexia Art Center, Brussels) in October 2004, at Circuit Court Grime, Montevideo (Marseille) in October 2004, at Netmage (Bologna) in January 2005 and at the Transmediales (Berlin) in February 2005.