Yael Davids, Israeli born, works and lives in Amsterdam. She studied Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam), sculpture at the Pratt Institute (New York) and Choreography and Dance Pedagogy at the Remscheid Academie (Remscheid).

Her practice combines a mixture of performative works that involve the artist’s physical presence or else, the choreography of others alongside gallery-based installations, in which the elements appear to provide coordinates for the space. In her recent works, the development of a script and how to inscribe this onto space and body and object, has come to play an essential part.

Davids oeuvre is concerned with the emergence of the self as a result of the correlation between the collective and the individual experience. She explores the rules, norms and symbols found in particular social groups to confront them with her self-knowledge, biography and with a more general history. By taking on these in-flux sources of references, Davids investigates social reality not as a given, but instead a complex fabric constructed in a feedback with individuals subjectivities.