Cuqui Jerez was born in 1973 in Madrid. She studied dance in Madrid and New York. Since 1990 she has been working as a dancer and performer in several companies, films and productions. Her choreographic work revolves around the relations between body and space, time and objects, production of signs and sense, transformation of meaning through repetition, manipulation of time and space references, expectations and experience of the spectator in a performance context, memory and structure as fundamental aspects of a work, limits of representation and borders between fiction and reality.
She created the following pieces: Me encontraré bien enseguida solo me falta la respiración (1995), Dígase en tono mandril (1996), Hiding Inches (1999), A Space Odyssey (2001), The Real Fiction (2005), The Rehearsal (2007) as part of the project The Neverstarting Story in collaboration with María Jerez, Cristina Blanco and Amaïa Urra, and The Croquis Reloaded (2009).