Josep Rafanell i Orra is a psychologist and psychotherapist. He has been working in healthcare institutes and social work centres for over twenty years. His research stands at the crossroads between a pragmatic redefinition of a situated politics and an opposition to the workings of state management and economic inclusion. He is the author of En finir avec le capitalisme thérapeutique. Soin, politique et communauté, and has published articles in the following journals: Futur Antérieur, Alice, Chimères, Ecorev.

He co-founded a political inquiry collective focused on the construction and transmission of narratives relating to practices of collective autonomy (Cahiers d'enquêtes politiques, Editions des mondes à faire, 2016). He is running a investigation workshop in Brussels about care and social work practices. His last thoughts are focus on what we can call a politics of local experiences inherent to the matter of care.