Opening 4

Exhibit «35 h.»
December 17-18, 2004

In the context of the training programs, the Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers are involved in a partnership with University Paris X - Nanterre. Nine students of the DESS “Arts de l’exposition” (Guillaume Baudin, Marc Bembecoff, Marie Gabreau, Quiterie Guéniot, Aurélien Mole, Alexandre Neveu, Julie Pagnier, Céline Poulin, Jean-Philippe Roinsard), assisted by the team of the Laboratoires, were invited to imagine and achieve a project that “would question the limits of the notion of exhibit during a very short period of time”. They thus decided to organize an exhibit that would last 35 hours non-stop, in order to test the form and limits of exhibiting. Based on a plurality of artistic proposals, completed or in progress, this project consequently combined several possible readings. Starting from a visible storage in the entrance, the “bureau des 35 heures” orchestrated different hangings, arranged and presented happenings, sound displays and projections within the limitations of space and time.

Artists presented: Pierre Alferi, Wilfrid Almendra, Elisabeth Ballet, Joël Bartolomeo, Caroline Bouissou, Robert Breer, Claude Cattelain, Elsa Clement, Raphaël Dallaporta, Thierry Dardanello & Frederic De Goldfiem, Daniel Dezeuze, Philippe Durand, Carole Fekete, Pierre- Philippe Freymond, Gregory Gicquel & Daniel Dewear, Jeremie Gindre, Eric Hattan, Jacques Julien, Harri Koskinen, Katarina Kudelova, Edouard Leve, Mark Lewis, Anthony Mccall, Tracey Moffat, Nicolas Moulin, Bruce Nauman, Guillaume Paris, Playdoh, Joan Rabascall, Edward Ruscha, Claude Rutault, Fred Sandback, Joe Scanlan, Franck Scurti, Alberto Sorbelli, Olivier Soulerin.