Invited to stay at the Laboratoires in 2004, artist and performer Alberto Sorbelli carried on his theatrical experimentations, started in 2003 with Esthétique de la spéculation, a conference-happening staging a real trader from the Stock Exchange. The Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers supported him for the production of Tragedia con intervallo, a play for a yogi and six actors. Tragedia con intervallo is a compilation of stories about theater, narrated during intermission by the spectators in the playhouse. Are they evoking a show from the past or the future, or the one that has just ended? Are these in fact real shows? The description of a show from memory always being a reconstruction of the past, it is more a subjective desire than objectivity, and is therefore more a matter of creation than real nostalgia. Thus, the “performing spectators” of Tragedia con intervallo construct a brand new show in real time and from theater memories.

Opening 2

May 26-27-28 mai 2004
Tragedia con intervallo

Directed by Alberto Sorbelli
Actors : Catherine Barone, Véronique Dossetto, Thomas Laroppe,Jérôme Mauche, Michaela Stella Bagnoli, Hervé Walbecq. Dancers: Caroline Boulinguez, Charles Bensusen Production Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers