Bojana Kunst is a Slovenian philosopher and performance theoretician, dramaturge and teacher. She works currently as a visiting professor at the University of Hamburg (Performance Studies). She is a member of the editorial boards of the journals Amfiteater and Performance Research. She published four books, among them Impossible Body (Ljubljana 1999), Dangerous Connections: Body, Philosophy and Relation to the Artificial (Ljubljana, 2004), Processes of Work and Collaboration in Contemporary Performance, Maska / Amfiteater, Ljubljana 2010 (ed. Bojana Kunst). Her essays have appeared in numerous journals and publications, among them: “Prognosis on Collaboration”, Prognosis uber Bewegungen, ed. Gabriele Brandstetter, Sibylle Peters, Kai van Eikels, B-Books, 2009, pp. 336–347, “Critical Writing and Performance Studies” in: Contesting Performance: Global Sites of Research, ed. Jon McKenzie, Heike Rooms, C. J. W. L-Wee, Palgrave 2009, "Affective Connection", in: Interfaces of Performance, Jenis Jeffries et all., Ashgate, London, 2010, pp. 169–184.