Eipcp (European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies ; http://eipcp.net/) is an independent research institution based in Vienna. It was founded in 2000 and pursues the primary goal of connecting research in philosophy, cultural and political theory with concrete questions of artistic production, cultural policy developments at the European level, as well as questions of linguistic and cultural translation in connection with crucial political issues of our time. The activities of the institute are comprised of a number of transnational research projects in partnership with academic and arts institutions throughout Europe, conferences, workshops, a book series on art and public space at the Viennese publishing house Turia + Kant, self-publishing in print, and the publication of the openly and freely accessible multilingual web journal Transversal (http://eipcp.net/transversal).

Boris Buden is a theoricist and cultural critic based in Berlin ;
Birgit Mennel is a translator and from times to times also a political activist based in Vienna ;
Stefan Nowotny is a philosopher based in Vienna.