Opening 4

STAND 2004
November 16-17-18, 2004

Stand Stand by Claudia Triozzi was programed in the context of the “Spectacles vivants” at the Centre Pompidou, presented in collaboration with the Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers. This piece by the choreographer, in collaboration with musician Michel Guillet, appears as a display concieved for a photography exhibit, but involves the spatial and temporal dimensions of a show. This was a new opportunity for the artist to explore the possibilities of using voice as a body organ, combined with staging purposes similar to those of contemporary visual arts.

Imagined, directed and performed by Claudia Triozzi / Manipulations : Raoul Chapa Smith, Olivier Charlot, Michel Abdoul, with the participation of Matthieu Doze / Photographic collaborations : Olivier Charlot / Live music : Michel Guillet, Claudia Triozzi (voice) / Video : Isabelle Griot / Installation concept : Claudia Triozzi, with the technical advice of Claudine Brahem (model reconstitution) / Scenography of the photographed “tableaux” : Claudia Triozzi / Lights : Aurélien de Fursac / General studio : Raoul Chapa Smith / Studio Laboratoires : Damien Arrii / Hairdresser and make-up: Grégory Stadnicki, Sophia Bun / Administration : Sophie Pulicani / With the help of Ecarts-Anis Gras. Coproduction Association CESPI / Le Quartz / Scène nationale de Brest – With the backing of the Ministry of Culture and communication, assistance in creation – Drac Île-de-France.