May 11-12-13, 2005

A true-fake concert for the theatre, 9 Lyriques stages a succession of “spoken songs”. Despite appearances, the question here is not of music, but rather of translation exercises: simultaneously translations, displacements, deportations, and shifts, between languages, genres, fields, techniques, codes and contexts

This show introduces a reflection on translation / displacement between languages, cultural codes, genres and fields. It was presented at the Laboratoires in May 2005 for the public opening 5.


With Stéphanie Béghain, Nicolas Fenouillat, Sylvain Chauveau, Jean-Jacques Palix, Frédéric Danos, Joris Lacoste.

Texts by Joris Lacoste adapted from songs by Diana Ross, David Bowie, Bob Marley, Björk, Michael Jackson, New Order, etc.

Produced by Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers / Special thanks to: Chaoïd and le Théâtre Garonne.